Rasindra Yadav

Saptari : Saraswati Dairy Industry has been operating in Balanbihul of Saptari. A model dairy of the district has been set up at Milan Chowk in Balan Bihul Rural Municipality-1. The dairy established by local farmer Kameshwor Yadav was inaugurated by the ward chairman of the same ward Baijnath Yadav on Monday.

Ward Chairman Yadav thanked Yadav for setting up a dairy and said that agriculture was an important factor for the economic prosperity of the society and announced that the ward would provide Rs. 2 lakh and1 thousands  for the agricultural promotion program.

Speaking at the inaugural function of the dairy, which was organized with the objective of distributing the milk produced by the farmers directly to the consumers and not through intermediaries, Ja.Sa.Pa leader Rameshwar Yadav said that both the parties would benefit if the farmers' produce reached the consumers directly. "Consumer satisfaction is possible only through quality services," Yadav said.  

Ashok Yadav, a youth leader of the CPN (Maoist) and a candidate for the post of Balan Bihul Village Municipality Chairman, said that the dairy should be run in such a way as to provide cheap and quality service to the consumers. Leader Yadav congratulated the dairy operator and wished him further progress in the days to come.  

On the occasion, another leader of the party, Digambar Yadav, said that it would be easier for the locals to operate their sales outlets to discourage the activities of pouring milk on the streets after the private industry stopped buying milk along with Lockdown. Yadav had said that the lifespan of any kind of industry that could not provide quality service to the consumers would be shortened.  

Leader Arun Kumar Goit said that there is unhealthy competition in the market, consumer consciousness that processed and unprocessed products are the same, lack of industrial environment He suggested that adequate attention should be paid to proper management of resources, maintenance, transportation and processing to maintain it. 

Announcers Digambar Yadav, Rameshwar Yadav, Former District Education Officer Gangaram Yadav, Former VDC Chairman Arun Kumar Goit, Convener of All Nepal Farmers Federation GAPA and GAPA Presidential Candidate Ashok Yadav, Youth Leader Ram Narayan Yadav (Agindhar), Leader Dukhi Yadav, Dozens of leaders and activists including social activists Ram Prakash Bhadiswar, Kari Chaudhary, Mahindra Yadav, Jurilal Marik, Rambodh Yadav and Ram Prasad Chaudhary were present in the programme.