Siraha. As sports also bring about social transformation, its role in student life is incomparable. Vikash Sharda, President of Federation of Chambers of commerce and Industries Siraha Lahan said this while addressing a program of the school. President Sharda, who was the chief guest at the closing program of the winter event program conducted by the School of Scholars located at Lahan 8, said that sports are indispensable for the overall development of students.
The school administration has informed that SOS School has been conducting the winter event for about a week. Under this programme, students participated and competed in the field of their choice. In the event, they have shown their skills in songs, music, cricket games, football, badminton, chess, running and about a dozen categories. In the closing ceremony on the last day of the event, the best students are awarded medals and certificates by the school.
The best students were honored by the chief guest of the program Bikas Sarada, a well-known businessman of Siraha and President of Federation of Chambers of commerce and Industries Siraha Lahan . The concluding program was started by the Chief Guest with tree plantation. The program was presided over by Sudipraj Kushwaha, Managing Director of SOS School. Manoj Banaita Yadav, Chairman of Nepal Journalist Federation Siraha, was present as the special guest of the programme.