Siraha: Lahan municipality has formally handed over a letter with the decision of the executive body for the establishment of the contact office of Siraha district branch of the Federation of Nepali Journalists. Mayor Mahesh Prasad Chaudhary and chief administrative officer Subhadra Gautam jointly handed over the letter to Manoj Banaita Yadav, president of Siraha district of the federation.

Yadav, chairman of the federation, said that the building of the civic awareness center owned by the municipality of Lahan-5 has been given to the federation for the time being, while 10 dhur land owned by the municipality has also been given to build a structure.

He said, "All the work of the federation will be done from the office located at the headquarter in Siraha. We have been taking initiatives for land and building for a long time to establish the contact office of the federation in Lahan. He thanked the municipality saying that the acquisition of land will prove a milestone in the institutional development of journalists." On the 22nd of Chaitra last year 2079, the executive meeting decided to provide the land and building to the federation.