Siraha, January 17

WASH Programme has brought a drastic change in the lifestyle of Dinabhadri community in Lahan. A group of around 145 families live in this community situated in Lahan Municipality, ward n. 2. These days, the inhabitants of this society are mostly talking about their cleaniness and hygine.
There are all together 10 water taps next to each. Almost 10 families are using the each one. In this way, hundred families are consuming safe drinking water from the taps. Similary, the local government has built 4 toilet rooms for the community. There is a committee for guarding the taps as well as the toilet. Chhattu Saday is the head of this committee who has given the responsibility to Sukdev Saday for sanitation of the toilet rooms. As there is a hand-pump with motor, there is no problem for the toilet users.
The head of this community, Chattu Saday says, "Since there is the availability of water and toilets, we feel our poverty is slightly reduced. This change has promoted equality and supported for our socio-economic development, too."
As the water taps and toilets are in use since 2077 B.S, the lifestyle of Dinabhadri inhabitants is changed.

Two years ago, the inhabitants of this community were facing many health issues due to the lack of adequate water and sanitation. Likhni Saday said, " We had obligation to consume cantaminated water which led our children to the transmission of pathogens."
The other local of Dinabhadri community, Amina Devi Saday said, " As there were no toilets, we were forced to go towards field and we were unaware of handwashing."

Now, the scenario of this community has been changed due to different types of WASH programmes. The people of society is trying to empower their own solution.