Manoj Banaita

Siraha: School of Scholars Lahan has been formally inaugurated in Lahan, Siraha. On Friday, CDO of Siraha Lal Babu Kawari inaugurated  the School.
Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, CDO Kawari said that it was a great honor for him to come here on behalf of Siraha authority to attend the inauguration ceremonies of SOS School. He added "The challenge of improving quality of teaching by training teachers and supporting them with modern teaching aids, tools and methodologies -- like smart classrooms and digital course content--needs to be taken up so that teachers take pride in their classroom performances smoothly.
He further said "The future of the country depends on a quality education being provided in every school and it plays a major role in the student education. Quality is at the heart of education, Alternatively Performance in licensure examinations is not the only measure of quality education."
Although this school was built a year ago, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and other problems, school is formally inaugurated today.

The newly constructed school buildings are believed to provide an open environment for the management committee, teachers, and especially the students studying there. As the newly constructed school buildings have a library, practice room, and other facilities, it will strengthen the learning environment of the students.
Management chief of SOS, Mr. Sudip Raj Kushwaha said that the school believes to provide practical learning. He said "Practical-Learning means knowledge gained by implementing theory in real-life activities. This way of learning helps students to remember the topic for a long time and also master it. Practical-learning makes the study more fun and engaging for students. Practical-learning based exams show the actual intellect of students, unlike the marks obtained by mugging up a night before."
The inauguration programme was followed by cultural dances along with the student's creative arts. The guests were parents, teachers, journalists etc.