Siraha: Super Dance Championship is going to be held in Lahan of Siraha. KSR Productions has organized a grand national super dance championship program in Lahan. Sujit Ruchal, the director of KSR production, said that the program was organized with the objective of preserving the identity and culture of the society.

The audition round of the upcoming Super Dance Championship will be held on Magh 2 and 5 in Lahan, Siraha, said Sujit Ruchal.

"People of different castes, religions and cultures live in Nepal. Everyone has the right to preserve their culture, language and identity and to speak in their own way," said Ruchal.
He said that  the program was organized to introduce the historical and cultural heritage of Siraha at the national level. Director Ruchal has been involved in the music industry for a long time. He has been involved in the field of music since his childhood.

In order to highlight the cultural talents of Siraha youth, he had organized Miss Siraha at Hotel Durbar in Lahan, Siraha in the presence of Nepal's great hero Rajesh Hamal five years ago.