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  • Sports are indispensable for the overall development of students: Vikash Sharda

    Siraha. As sports also bring about social transformation, its role in student life is incomparable. Vikash Sharda, President of Federation of Chambers of commerce and Industries Siraha Lahan said this while addressing a program of the school. President Sharda, who was the chief guest at the closing program of the winter event program conducted by the School of Scholars located at Lahan 8, said that sports are indispensable for the overall development of students.The school administration has informed that SOS School has been conducting the winter event for about a week. Under this program

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  • SOS Awarded outstanding students in studies and sports

    Siraha : Lahan's SOS School has honored its students who have excelled in sports and studies. The school held a program to honor them.Gold medal and silver medal winners in the 7th Asian Karate Championship, winners  in Bariyarpatti Science and Art Exhibition and first prize winners in essay competition organized by NELTA Sirha were felicitated.SOS Managing Director, Sudip Raj Kushwaha presided over the honor program and Madhes Province MP Mahesh Prasad Yadav was the chief guest. The special guests were Dhangadimai Municipality Mayor Shivshankar Mahato, District Coordination Committee Vic

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  • जनकपुरमा हथियार सहित एक किशोरी पक्राउ

    लाहान । जनकपुरबाट पेस्तोलसहित एक किशोरी पक्राउ परेकी छन् । पक्राउ पर्नेमा भारतको बिहार राज्य जिल्ला लख्खी शेराई ग्रामपञ्चायत बडीपोखरी वडा नं.९ बस्ने पप्पु सहनीकी छोरी अन्दाजी १६ वर्षीया पूजा कुमारी सहनी छन् ।उनलाई जनकपुरधामको रेल्वे स्टेसन जनिक रहेको हनुमान मन्दिरबाट मंगलबार साँझ पोने ८ बजे सशस्त्र प्रहरीले पक्राउ गरेको हो ।रेल्वे सुरक्षा बेस जनकपुरबाट खटिएको सशस्त्र प्रहरी टोलीले विशेष सूचनाको आधारमा चेकजाँच गर्दा उनको साथबाट एक थान कटुवा पेस्तोल बरामद भएको सशस्त्र प्रहरी धनुषाले जनाएको छ ।उनको साथबाट नेपाली ६५ रुपैयाँ, भारतीय फाइभ–जी सिम एक थान र चाँदीको जस्तो देखिने मालाको लकेट एक थानसमेत ब

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  • Lahan Municipality provided land for the building to Journalist Federation

    Siraha: Lahan municipality has formally handed over a letter with the decision of the executive body for the establishment of the contact office of Siraha district branch of the Federation of Nepali Journalists. Mayor Mahesh Prasad Chaudhary and chief administrative officer Subhadra Gautam jointly handed over the letter to Manoj Banaita Yadav, president of Siraha district of the federation.Yadav, chairman of the federation, said that the building of the civic awareness center owned by the municipality of Lahan-5 has been given to the federation for the time being, while 10 dhur land owned by t

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  • WASH Programme brings change in Dinabhadri Community

    Siraha, January 17WASH Programme has brought a drastic change in the lifestyle of Dinabhadri community in Lahan. A group of around 145 families live in this community situated in Lahan Municipality, ward n. 2. These days, the inhabitants of this society are mostly talking about their cleaniness and hygine.There are all together 10 water taps next to each. Almost 10 families are using the each one. In this way, hundred families are consuming safe drinking water from the taps. Similary, the local government has built 4 toilet rooms for the community. There is a committee for guarding the taps as

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  • Bus handed over to the campus by the municipality, Mayor Chaudhary announced the scholarship

    Biru YadavSiraha. Lahan Municipality Mayor Mahesh Chaudhary has handed over two buses to JS Murarkacampus. The bus was handed over during a program at 8:30 am on Thursday. Mayor Chaudhary said that the bus was given to the campus as the means of transport was very necessary to develop Lahan as an educational hub. He said that the students coming to study in JS from different municipalities of Siraha had to face problems due to the problem of transportation.In addition, the municipality has announced to provide scholarships to 50 students to connect the access of disadvantaged, poor, so-called

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  • SOS Lahan relinquishes traditional teaching- learning

    Manoj BanaitaSiraha: School of Scholars Lahan has been formally inaugurated in Lahan, Siraha. On Friday, CDO of Siraha Lal Babu Kawari inaugurated  the School. Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, CDO Kawari said that it was a great honor for him to come here on behalf of Siraha authority to attend the inauguration ceremonies of SOS School. He added "The challenge of improving quality of teaching by training teachers and supporting them with modern teaching aids, tools and methodologies -- like smart classrooms and digital course content--needs to be taken up so that teachers take prid

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  • KSR Production launches Super Dance Championship in Siraha

    Siraha: Super Dance Championship is going to be held in Lahan of Siraha. KSR Productions has organized a grand national super dance championship program in Lahan. Sujit Ruchal, the director of KSR production, said that the program was organized with the objective of preserving the identity and culture of the society.The audition round of the upcoming Super Dance Championship will be held on Magh 2 and 5 in Lahan, Siraha, said Sujit Ruchal."People of different castes, religions and cultures live in Nepal. Everyone has the right to preserve their culture, language and identity and to speak in th

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  • Urvashi Rautela signs a multi million dollar deal with India’s largest app

    Urvashi Rautela is quite a hit in the brand world & charging multi million dollars with a list of impressive brand associations. Rautela signs a multi million dollar deal with India’s largest app.Among others that ride on the perception of her youth appeal, hard work and steady growth. There is yet another outstanding brand into the actress kitty.Urvashi Rautela recently signed India’s own Largest Short Video Maker App. This is a platform to forecast talents to the whole world.This video app lets you follow your favorite entertainer for good fun and entertainment. Urvashi Rautel

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  • Relief assistance to Lahan Municipality by Samadhan Mahila

    Manoj BanaitaSiraha: HEIFER international Nepal, through Shree Samadhan Mahila Krishi Sahakari, has provided relief assistance to Lahan Municipality for the control of Covid 19. A total of 300,000 relief has been provided to those involved in the agricultural sector during the epidemic. A cheque of Rs.3 lakhs has been handed to the Mayor of Lahan Municipality, Muni Sah, who was the chief guest at the event. Mayor Sah thanked Heffer Nepal and Samadhan Mahila Krishi Sahakari. Chief Sah said, “Samadhan Mahila Sahakari is doing a good job and should work in the interest of farmers by bringing

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